About Us

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Fabtru Solar Panel Cleaning Robot is a breakthrough masterpiece developed with thorough research and understanding of the problems faced by
solar panel installers.

Its path-breaking and unconventional design is engineered by Mr. Sandeep Sharma. The machinery components are developed in-house and majority of them are machined at SRM Technologies.

It uses a LiFePO4 battery with solar charger & DC gear motors with Intelligent Controller System. All components are designed to withstand environmental changes, wear and tear for up to a decade.

At Fabtru, it’s not only about products sales; we are available for your assistance regarding our product 24x7.


We envision a cleaner and greener environment for a brighter tomorrow. Fabtru is an ardent supporter of sustainable development.

All our innovations are intelligently designed to provide the best alternative to build a smarter and better future.


Fabtru Cleaning Robot carries an objective of sharpening the productivity and profitability of those who aim to power their organisations with solar energy.

We constantly work to improvise solar panel consumption by promoting and solving the challenges faced by solar panel consumers.