Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

With the consumption of about 303 GW solar energy power world-wide, it is important to efficiently manage solar energy setup to enable its maximum output to installers.

Fabtru Solar Panel Cleaning Robot is your answer to cleaning, washing and renewing solar panel setup of every size and shape to provide maximized output from the plant.

Did you know that not cleaning solar panel can affect its output performance by up to 30%?

Fabtru Solar Panel Cleaning Robot offers water-saving, fully automated and non-electrical solution that removes even the minute dust and dirt particles improving the overall profit by 5%.

Just install and forget! It’s that easy!

Not just installation, solar panels also need regular maintenance in order to perform efficiently.

Different kinds of environmental conditions like pollution, storm and other climatic changes lead to settling of dust and other unwanted particles which become a hindrance to the complete absorption of sunlight by the solar panel.


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