Know more about the intrinsic features of Fabtru Solar Cleaning Robot

Fully automated cleaner

Fabtru cleaning robot helps to avoid time wastage. Just set the timer once and forget the rest. Improve the sustainability of your panels without any manual efforts.

No electricity needed

This self-operated product charges automatically with mini solar panels installed in it.

No usage of water

Why waste precious water on cleaning? Each Fabtru cleaning robot is powered by one electric motor with a nylon brush that helps in efficient cleaning.

365 Days Cleaning

Cleans the panel daily to improve the overall efficiency.

Quick and Easy Installation

No complicated mounting and screwing. Its quick and easy to install and operate.

Cleans dust particles without spreading

Fabtru robot vertically wipes the panels. The nylon brush in the robot revolves in circular motion and changes the dust particle direction making it fall on the ground and unlike other machines, prevents it from settling on nearby panels.

Sustainable Investment

This zero-maintenance machine reduces the cost of cleaning in the long run. One-time investment. Life-long comfort.

3 Year Warranty

Fabtru robot comes with a 3 years warranty covering any kind of manufacturing defect.